I was born in Cardiff, of Scottish parents, so I think of myself as a Scot (unless I'm performing in Cardiff - when of course I'm Welsh!)

We moved to Blackpool when I was a baby and it was living there that gave me my first taste of showbiz appearing at the end of the North pier in 'Uncle Peter Websters' children's talent show when I was about six years old.

I started singing and piano lessons at that time and when I was ten years old I won a scholarship to Chethams School Of Music in Manchester where I spent 6 years training classically.  But in my school holidays I was taking part in local talent shows back in Blackpool, and eventually got my first gig at the ripe age of twelve years old in a working mens club!

That was it.....I was hooked.  I won the first ever BBC TV talent show 'Rising Stars', had my own series called 'Contrasts' with the BBC, and my first recording contract with CBS (now Sony).

Mum and dad were the Mayor and Mayoress of Blackpool, and in that same year, Mr Lloyd Webber decided that Blackpool was the perfect place to present one of his West End shows, the first major musical to appear in the provinces.  So they asked him to come and switch on the famous illuminations, and of course, my dad being a canny Scott, got me up to sing on the night, hoping that Andrew Lloyd Webber would instantly book me, giving me a leading role, and set me on the road to stardom.


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