In 2004, I decided to start my own management company called 'Get Ur Act Together'.

This came about because having spent many years doing the cabaret circuit, I wanted to pass on my knowledge and expertise in knowing what works in this market.
Many friends and colleagues who want to put together a cabaret act have no idea how to go about it.  Some of them are accomplished "Theatre" performers who excel within the confines and direction of a role, but when they have to be themselves they don't know how to go about making it work.

I approached various individuals, putting this idea to them, and now have an impressive list of clients from the UK and America.  I am very active in the cruise- ship industry, and being the highest rated singer and the highest rated cabaret artistes in this field, I felt with my knowledge and success I could find new talent to present to the cruising market thus enabling performers to do their own show in beautiful 1000 seater theatres at sea with up to a 12 piece band, a luxury by todays standards.  This is a growing industry, with a captive audience.

I put the whole package together, from what to sing, what to wear, what to say and how to say it.

With my husband Jo Meacham, we also have the capability of recording a CD at our studio in Hampshire.

Highnote Studios is set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside.  It is a very relaxed working environment.  No other properties nearby, beautiful views of open fields, own catering and accommodation if required.  They can even have a swim between 'takes'!

"We work at the clients pace"

Jo is a successful West End session musician with over 25 years  experience in the music industry.  He has a full digital studio, and will produce the album from conception to finished product.  All in all, we can make a fully produced package for any client, so they can take it on the road and perform it anywhere.


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